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Dani Be

To readers:

Life’s challenges have taught me the art of finding happiness anywhere. They’ve also taught me when it’s time to leave. In college, I studied relationships from the psychological, sociological and philosophical perspectives.

My twenties were for testing all of the theories. It wasn’t always fun. But that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have its moments.

Somehow I ended up happy and married and on the path to the career I was once too scared to dream of. It’s funny how life goes.

To Employers:

Danica creates content for a wide range of markets. She’s a passionate wordsmith who can’t help digging into a subject. Readers can immediately sense the depth of her research. They are engaged by the conversational tone of her voice.

She helped Adorn’s blog reach its highest viewership. Enhanced cross marketing by honing relationships with local influencers. And quickly earned her own column series at Food & Dating.

Find a list of my recently published works here.

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