It’s been a while since the New York Times Op-Ed about the Trump resistance. You know, those working within the White House to thwart the president? They’re blending in with the Trump loyalist to take the fight to the inside. Minimizing action. Leaking information. These anonymous people are working against 45 and all those unwilling to oppose him.

Recently we’ve seen a series of 45’s schedules leaked to the media. And I can only assume that they’re coming from the resistance. The schedules aren’t terribly impressive. For the most part, they just show Trump taking a lot of “executive time.” In other words, they expose our president’s lack of action. Of course, we haven’t seen the finalized schedules which apparently contain unlisted meetings. I know it’s easy to assume he’s using his “executive time” to watch Fox News and rant on Twitter. But there’s no telling from the schedule if “executive time” is the official code for couch potato time. Personally, if it turns out, he’s not doing much during his “executive time” I’d say it’s better that than what he does when he is working!

Funny enough, shortly after the most recent leak 45 took to Twitter. He announced, “The US will soon control 100% of ISI territory in Syria.” Amazing how quickly he accomplishes something when everyone’s buzzing about his downtime. Credit must be given when it’s due though, and apparently a majority of ISIS territories have been taken back. Unfortunately for 45, he doesn’t get to take all of the credit. Obama started this long haul. Trump just gets to be here for the glorious end. That is if he hasn’t messed it up by pulling out our troops before fully neutralizing ISIS.

The heads of all of our intelligence agencies agree that it is too soon to pull out of Syria. There are rumors that Trump has chastised them for disagreeing with him. A concerning notion—the president telling our $80 billion intelligence industry to shut up and listen to his gut. Whatever the truth is about that workplace drama the reality remains that 45 continues to go against our top intelligence officers’ advice. We can only wait and see at this point.