It seems like Marie Kondo has everyone on an organization kick. And I couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing more frustrating than a cluttered space. How can you get any work done? How can you think straight?

Most importantly, how can you find the top that matches your favorite mini skirt? Okay, maybe that last one isn’t exactly a winter problem. But home organization will help with all aspects of your life.

My problem with organization is two prongs. First of all, I’m a hoarder. As a crafter, everything has a one day purpose to me. I see the hidden beauty in what others would call trash. And unfortunately, it really gives me joy! That’s problem one. The second issue I have is keeping organized. But I’m not going to let these hang-ups stop me! And whatever is keeping you from getting your home organized doesn’t have to stop you anymore. 


Take it from me, it’s impossible to achieve home organization while your home is filled with clutter. There are several different ways you can declutter your house. One idea, from a closet organizer, is to place all of your hangers facing the same direction. Each time you wear a garment you turn the hanger in the other direction. At the end of the year, anything you haven’t worn will have a hanger facing in the original direction. Those are the clothes you get rid of.

Marie Kondo’s way is deciding if something brings you joy. James Wallman, a professed minimalist, takes it a step further. He says, don’t keep what you like, keep what you love. Then there’s the “Minimalist Game” in which you increase the number of items you get rid of each day. So that the first day it’s just one item, the second day it’s two, and by the end of the month, you’ll have to throw out 31 things in a single day.

Whatever method you choose what’s important is that you follow through with getting rid of the stuff. Don’t leave it in a trash bag in your garage for months!

Take It Room By Room

Alright, now that we’ve decluttered our house let’s get organized! Since organization is all about creating systems taking it room by room is a great way to start. Take that a step further though. If you’re starting in your bedroom start with a closet organizer. The reality is until you know where your clothes are going the rest of the room will be hard to organize. 

Same goes for the kitchen. When you start in the kitchen first get to pantry organization. Food is what will be moving in and out of your kitchen constantly. Having a plan for organizing will keep things in their place long after your inspired cleaning session. 

The critical thing to remember about home organization is that each room interacts with the other. So as you go through each room of the house keep their function in mind. Pay attention to how one room is connected to another room. What types of items are often moved between two places? These types of questions will allow for the creation of a thorough home organization system. 

Note Your System

Now it might make you feel like Monica from friends to have every system in your hose written down, but it will definitely help you keep to it. One of my biggest frustrations is that I’m the only person in my house that can seem to put the dishes away in the right place. My kitchen is small and holding all of its tools is a complex task. I spent the first few weeks after moving to my house finding a way to give everything a place that is easy to access. But no one seems to remember where those places are! 

The solution is of course straightforward. Labeling the kitchen drawers and cabinets with what goes where ensures that everything is put away in the right place. Best of all well-intentioned guests now know where to put their dishes without having to ask me! Of course, this stops me from being the pristine host who snatches those dishes out of their hands to do herself. But I’m okay with that!