Have you been dying to go out with someone? Finally asked them out but don’t know what to do, where to go? You’ve been waiting on this date for a while, and now you want to make sure that you’re going to get a second one. Well, the good news is social psychologists have found a way to guarantee you’ll be getting that second date.

study found that when a person is in a situation that induces anxiety, such as hanging out on a suspension bridge, their arousal increases. Increased arousal leads to increased attraction. All of which leads you to your second date. So how do you induce anxiety without putting yourself into actual dangerous situations (which we don’t recommend)? Check out these five date ideas!

5 Scary Dates That Will Guarantee a Second Date:

A Haunted House

Halloween paints the perfect backdrop to our scary date plans. Lookup some local haunted houses, the scarier, the better, and invite your hopeful boo out for a night of scares. As the two of you run from monsters or villains from slasher movies, you’ll find yourself turning into each other—holding onto each other when scared, helping each other escape the madness. You’ll come out of it excited, closer than ever, and anxious to make plans for your next date.

An Amusement Park

If you don’t have any amusement parks with roller coasters nearby, wait till the fair comes to town. Take your big date on the fastest, highest, most scream-inducing rollercoasters you can find. Hold each other’s hands as you lose your voice on this action-packed date. Scoot your bodies closer together as you twist between peaks and turns, plummeting at breakneck speeds for the ground. Find yourselves locked in each other’s eyes, adrenalin pumping after each ride and watch as the second date plans itself.


Live near a racetrack? Perfect! This date will induce a bit of anxiety as your tires squeal around the turns of the track. It’ll also probably be one you’ve never experienced before. You can enjoy a little friendly competition racing each other, or take turns driving each other. Either way, after this thrilling ride, you’re date’s guaranteed to want to see you again.

Scary Movie Marathon

If you’re looking for something a bit more classic, you can easily turn dinner and a movie on its head with a scary flick. There’s always a great selection of horror films at the theater to choose from and usually a handful of reviews to direct you to the most terrifying. I’d avoid the creepy or disturbing, and go for a straight horror experience. The kind of movie where you’re heart is pounding as you wish you could warn the character that the killer is behind them. That way you and your date can turn to each other for support, and if you find yourselves still scared afterward, you’ll probably want to make plans to see each other again and commiserate over the horror of it all

Picnic on a Mountain Peak

If you prefer something a little more outdoorsy, that’s not a problem. You don’t have to go to a major attraction to spark attraction in your date. Take your date on a lovely hike to a slightly precarious lookout point; throw down a blanket and take-out lunch. As you sit perched on what will feel like the top of the world, taking in a gorgeous view, you’ll both feel your hearts begin to race. You’ll nourish your bodies as well as that spark and find yourselves chatting away about the next time you’ll see each other.

Originally posted: https://foodanddating.com/author/danica/