Online dating has become one of the most popular forms of meeting… someone. Whether it’s a partner, a hookup, or something in between, there’s an app or website that has you covered. According to eHarmony 40% of all Americans are dating online. That’s almost half the population. Once you factor in things monogamously coupled people and those too young or old to date, it’s over half the dating poll. So you better know what women want to see in that dating profile.

That’s old news though. We all know everyone is dating online. We have our favorite website or app. Some of us even have a few favorite dating websites and apps. But are we getting clicks? Are we getting dates? Or are we getting caught in an endless sea of left swipes? The problem with everyone dating online now is, despite our profiles, we’re just as faceless on these platforms as we are on the streets. So how do we get people to see us? The obvious answer is by having better profiles. Which means it’s imperative to know what women want to see in dating profiles.

Don’t include topless photos of yourself.

I’m sure you look terrific topless. I’m sure it highlights some of your best features. But it also sends a message that you’re looking to get topless. Which may be true, but let’s face it we live in a world of ambiguous communication. You don’t want a meme that explains the punch line and what girls want to see in a dating profile is not a profile that says, “one night stand.”

Do include photos of you doing things you love.

While they don’t all have to make you look like a model, make sure to pick a majority of becoming shots. Women want to see dating profiles that actually show who you are. If you’re still disappointed about deleting that topless photo pick a shot in a tight sweater. It’s incredible what the hint of something can do for attraction.

Don’t make a list of demands.

It is important to know what you want and don’t want. It is not important to include all those things in your profile. It’s definitely not something women want to see in dating profiles. Listing the qualities, you’re not looking for in a mate makes you sound like you’re insulting people with those qualities. Leave the insults to online trolling. On online dating, you want to present your best self.

Do be honest about yourself.

Sure you want to present your best self. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t say anything bad about yourself. This isn’t like interview questions where you turn negatives into positives. Though humor usually helps. Mention that you talk a lot when you’re nervous. Or that you trip over your own feet. It makes you human. It also makes you sound more honest, which makes the rest of what you said more meaningful. Honesty and sincerity are two things all women want to see in dating profiles.

Don’t make your profile just a list of facts.

I know that you don’t have a lot of space. I know that people prefer lists. But I also know that lists aren’t that engaging. To turn your click into a message you want your profile to have a conversational element. Women want to see dating profiles that engage them. So, you want to say things casually. You want to make jokes or commentary. Things that invite others to make jokes or comments back. It makes that first message a lot less awkward to send. Sure you might get a 100 people making jokes about your Star Wars obsession, but at least you’re getting 100 messages!

Do show your face.

Maybe you’re shy. Maybe you just aren’t that big of a fan of your mug. Take as many photos as you have to. Find a picture of your face that you love. Make that your main photo. Our faces say so much about who we are. They make people feel comfortable. They provide a sense of intimacy that a distant body shot just doesn’t offer. Women want to see dating profiles that actually show our faces!

What have women told you they liked about your dating profile? What have women confessed to hating about your dating profile? Let us know in the comments below!

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